Taking Flight

Currently sitting here at LAX getting ready to board my plane to London. I’ve met up with a fellow interpreter and we are getting to know each other. We will have lots of time to learn about each other between this flight, an 8 hour lay-over in London and then the flight on to India. We have been informed that someone who works for the family will meet us at the airport and take us to a hotel where we will have a day or two to rest up from the jet-lag.
They are calling us to board so away I go!

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One Week to Go

Time is flying quickly now. Everything seemed so far off but now things are speeding forward. This time next week I’ll be traveling to India; leaving LAX to Hethrow Airport in London, finding something to do for 8 hours, then on to India.
The house has been rented out and I need to finish clearing things out and cleaning it up. Some things still need to be picked up and other thing need to be donated or dumped.
One more day of work remains, only a half day then its just a matter of packing and cleaning.
I’m staying with Lourdes which has been a great help as I watch the world as I know it come apart, go into boxes, and a new, unknown world awaits me!

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and Away I Go!

It took longer than I had anticipated but I have my employment visa in hand and am that much closer to being in India!
I was under the impression that I would be able to have my visa within three hours of dropping the  paperwork off. However, that was not to be. Once my paperwork was accepted, I was told to return the next day at 5:30 to pick up my visa.
Having a full day in San Francisco to kill, I took in a movie and hit up the mall and Apple store. At 5:30 I arrive to pick up my visa and was greeted by a long line of others attempting the same. I took my place in line and patiently waited and waited and waited. The room quickly became warmer and warmer and after an hour of not moving; I was finally next.
I hoped for the best but was worried, “what if I were missing something?” But alas, I signed my name as proof that I had my passport & visa in hand.  I left the building feeling relieved but it also hit me that I’m really doing this…I’m really heading to India, not for a week or two but for years…well, seven months until I return for a visit.

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Preparation for a New Adventure

Currently in the car driving up to San Francisco so I can apply for and hopefully get my employment visa for India. I can be on a plane in a matter of weeks, flying half way around the world to places unknowingly…
Such a crazy-amazing thought!

If all goes well I will be in India for the New Year and beginning 2011 with a new job in a new home in a new country with new friends. I will be working as an interpreter for a couple of Deaf business men, as teacher of ASL, and as a trainer for newly recruited interpreters.

I will be working in India for at least two years with the opportunity to come back to the states every six months for two weeks. I will return the first time in July, after seven months, since this is when Breona (my see-ster) will have her third child.

Am I ready?  Oh gosh, no!  So much to pack, to sell, to just get rid of. And what should I pack and what should I not worry about?  This is all coming…slowly, but it is happening! 

Time now for a car-ride nap…

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