Catching up in India

So sorry for not updating this blog very often.  I will attempt to update at least once a week.  So to catch you up: I nearly came home due to high blood pressure and home-sickness, got over that and feel much better both health wise and home-sickness wise.  I did some touristy sight-seeing, celebrated my birthday and went on a picnic.

At Amber Fort I rode an elephant and explored the beautiful fort.  This is one of the oldest forts and has been used but Hindus, Muslims, and the British when they were in power.  All of these three groups have left their mark on this place.  The fort is also surrounded by a great wall, similar to the Great Wall of China but not quite as big.

On the way back I snapped a few pictures of Jal Mahal, aka Water Palace.  While there we were asked to have our photo taken with the 2 men is this group shot.  This happens often that people ask to take a picture with you…kinda funny!

Then we checked out Jantar Mantar which is an observatory.  As we were leaving there was this snake charmer that I had to have my picture taken with!  In the first picture I am telling him “NO!” when he told me I could pet his snake.

I recently celebrated my birthday with three celebrations!  The first was with my first group of students, the second was with my second group of students and then the third celebration with the family.  Michael, my co-worker, took me shopping and out to lunch between my classes and celebrations.  It was a beautiful day!

The tradition here is to blow out the candle first and then the singing begins followed by the birthday person cutting the cake and then being fed the piece they cut.  Also, frosting the birthday person seems to be part of the celebrations.  All day long I had people come up to me, shake my hand and wish me “Many happy returns of the day”!


And…here I am at 41 with blonde hair now since there was some miss communication at the hair salon here.  The cut is good and I’m my original little girl color!

Sorry, the internet is so slow here the picnic, show and central park will be in my next post which should be tomorrow.


About standifird

I'm a 40 year-old empty nester preparing to head to India for the adventure of a lifetime. I will be living and working there for the next couple of years. I hope to blog my experiences as much as I can while respecting the privacy of my clients. I have two college-age sons. R is 20 and a junior, creative writing major at UCR and Erik is 18 and a freshman, music education major at CR. I look forward to the time when they will come visit me in India.
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1 Response to Catching up in India

  1. {connie} says:

    ❤ you!!
    so glad to be sharing in your journey of you finding your wings.
    truly blessed to know you.

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