One Week to Go

Time is flying quickly now. Everything seemed so far off but now things are speeding forward. This time next week I’ll be traveling to India; leaving LAX to Hethrow Airport in London, finding something to do for 8 hours, then on to India.
The house has been rented out and I need to finish clearing things out and cleaning it up. Some things still need to be picked up and other thing need to be donated or dumped.
One more day of work remains, only a half day then its just a matter of packing and cleaning.
I’m staying with Lourdes which has been a great help as I watch the world as I know it come apart, go into boxes, and a new, unknown world awaits me!


About standifird

I'm a 40 year-old empty nester preparing to head to India for the adventure of a lifetime. I will be living and working there for the next couple of years. I hope to blog my experiences as much as I can while respecting the privacy of my clients. I have two college-age sons. R is 20 and a junior, creative writing major at UCR and Erik is 18 and a freshman, music education major at CR. I look forward to the time when they will come visit me in India.
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1 Response to One Week to Go

  1. Kat says:

    I am so so excited for you. I will be your new blog stalker now. Good luck and have a safe journey my friend. Cant wait to see pics of where you’ll be living and all your new adventures. OOOOOHHHHH and the food! You know me and food!

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